Our story starts in Angwin. I grew up in Angwin and attended Saint Helena High School, but left home to attend college, medical school and residency all over the United States. While in training in Las Vegas I was blessed to meet my wife. My wife and I have always enjoyed wine with a sense of place. As we moved around the United States pursuing careers in anesthesia and surgery, we dreamed of the day when we could return to my home on top of Howell Mountain and produce wine of our own. Our family and friends have supported and helped us as we made the exciting but difficult transition from treating disease to viticulture and enology. Their gifts of patience, mentorship, and logistical support gave us the tools we needed to succeed. We will be forever indebted to those who have helped make our dream a reality. 

My wife and I work in our vineyard and are involved in every aspect of the farming and winemaking. We enjoy the intense work necessary to make our wine, and we believe that our commitment to excellence is evident in every glass. We know that you will enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do!

Jon Larson and Angela Henszel